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Dear Mom,

Are you struggling to find inspiration to write? It happens to the best of us, so don’t worry. Some of the most successful writers also struggling with finding time to write, deciding what to write about, or getting their work published. We’ve put together a list here of 10 successful mom writers who have been in your situation.

These are not your typical mom blogs!

  1. Carolyn Jewel:
    A historical and paranormal romance writer, Carolyn Jewel has published over 30 novels in her genre. Her most recent published work can be found in the anthology –  How to Find a Duke in 10 Days. She blogs regularly on her website about her work as a romance author and her life as writer. We adore her blog because she posts regularly about her craft and gives advice to other writers. If you’re interested in becoming a successful romance writer, her blog will definitely inspire you to jump right in!
  2. J.K. Rowling:
    She’s not particularly prolific as a blogger, but she is high on my personal list as a mom writer who can inspire any of us to get off our ass and write! Her story is one that is particularly important to me as a single mom. She went from living on welfare to becoming a multimillionaire with her Harry Potter young adult fiction series that changed the world. Her stories have sold hundreds of millions of copies around the world and inspired a series of films that are still in production. She blogs about Harry Potter and her opinion on various topics. If you’re not acquainted with her inspirational story, she is definitely worth checking out!
  3. Amanda Hocking:
    Another young adult author we love is Amanda Hocking! She is a New York Times Bestselling Author that writes paranormal young adult fiction. Her latest novel, Freeks, is a coming-of-age story about a young girl working in a traveling side show that starts to develop supernatural powers after many of the performers start to disappear. She doesn’t appear to blog very often, however she does have an excellent FAQ on her website about her writing projects and her success. If you’re thinking of starting out as a self-published author, her website is a great place to get some ideas.
  4. Melissa Ford:
    Melissa Ford is the author of Navigating the Land of If, a non-fiction book about her experiences in infertility, and a handful of novels. She blogs about adoption, infertility, medical issues that affect infertility, injections, pregnancy loss, medications, and other female health issues. I think, among her other qualities, she sets a good example of how blogging can evolve into book publishing opportunities. If this sounds like a path that might work for your life, check her out and get inspired!
  5. Brittany Gibbons:
    What’s not to love about Brittany Gibbons?! She’s a plus-size model, an activist for the body positivity movement, a blogger, an entrepreneur, and a TED speaker. Her memoir, Fat Girl Walking, is a New York Times Bestseller, and her next book is set to be published at this end of this year – The Clothes Make the Girl (Look Fat?). She blogs with humor about her life, fashion, and loving your body. Her blog is worth checking out for all moms that struggle to find their confidence, no matter what size!
  6. Elna Cain:
    Elna Cain hasn’t published traditional print books like most of the other moms in this blog post, but I feel like she’s one of the most important to include in this list. She is a stay-at-home mom who ditched the 9-to-5 career and started a freelance writing career in order to spend more time with her family. She blogs regularly about starting a freelance writing career and hosts regular online courses about finding freelance writing success. If you want more information on this career path or to check out her coaching services, go to her website immediately! It’s a great resource.
  7. Lisa Leake:
    Lisa Leake’s blog teaches moms how to ditch processed food and start cooking with “real food.” We know writer moms everywhere will love her blog, too, because we all want to find a way to feed our family’s healthier food without breaking the bank. Her first book – 100 Days of Real Food – was #1 on the New York Times Bestseller List. Her blog is not just perfect for mom writers who want to write a cookbook, but for all moms that want to find a healthier way to feed their families.
  8. A.B. Chesler:
    A.B. Chesler is a published children’s author and a past contributor to several Chicken Soup for the Soul anthologies. Her first children’s book, A Man and His Books, is “the story of man’s library coming to life while its owner is away.” [Description taken from the authors website –] She blogs regularly about her life, her family, food, DIY projects, and shares tons of recipes we know all of our mom writers will love just as much as we do!
  9. Robin Finn:
    On her blog, you’ll find regular posts about her animals, her family, writing, and raising children with ADHD. Her debut novel, Restless in LA: a novel, was released this year and is worth checking out if you want to read a modern romance novel with amazing reviews by authors and fans alike.
  10. Delilah Dawson:
    And, last, but certainly not least, we think all geek writer moms will fall in love with Delilah Dawson. She’s published a steampunk fiction series, Star Wars fiction, young adult novels, fantasy, comic books, and “Geekrotica.” Her first book, Wicked as They Come, is the first book in a steampunk paranormal romance series “in which a woman is transported to a world filled with vampires and magic.” [Description taken from Simon & Schuster’s website  –] She blogs regularly about tips for writers, her life as a published author, conventions, the publishing industry, her creative projects, and all things geek-related.

We hope you enjoyed exploring the blogs of all the moms above who are published writers and bloggers. Have any more to add? Comment below!

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